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Jason Bourne

In The Deep

Under The Shadow

My Beautiful Broken Brain

Jaguar F-Pace

Emmerdale – The Last Dance

GT40 Launch Video

Virgin – ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Promo

Castrol Magnatec

Emilie Nicolas – ‘Pstereo’ Promo

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch Film

Star Wars Rugby Sevens


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The VFX on iBoy are well underway as director Adam Randall debuts for WigWam Films.

VFX supervisor David Sadler-Coppard has led the Outpost team in developing an incredible visual feast due for its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival later this year.

If you want to know what happens when your iPhone and your brain become one, then this film holds the key!


OutpostVFX have just been awarded all VFX across Antonio Banderas’ new film Salty.

Salty is a  hilarious cavalcade of mishaps and  misunderstandings on a journey of self discovers, in Chile, mostly drunk. Think Bridesmaids meets Get Him To The Greek and you’re halfway there at least.

After our work on Stratton this is Outpost’s second project this year with Director Simon West (Con Air, Expendables)

Salty is currently shooting in Chile and set for release early 2017.

Final Score

This is what UK film has been waiting for…OutpostVFX have been awarded all VFX across this feature which simply put is Die Hard in the West Ham Stadium. 

Working together with Fyzz Productions after the success of 47m Down its great to have the partnership up and running again.

With Director Scott Mann at the helm, Final Score promises a lot of big level VFX across stunt work, explosions aplenty and of course a crowd of 35000 mad footie fans.

Bring it on!!

Interlude In Prague

 OutpostVFX’s VFX supervisor Marcin Kolendo recently returned from filming this beautifully shot alternative story from Mozart’s time spent in Prague.

The VFX work will involve classic period restoration of many scenes, set extension, enhancements and beautification. Outpost will bring additional levels of lavishness and grandeur to a period where such things were survival essentials for the upper classes.


2016 Showreel

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Character Concept Reel


We draw on our proven experience in high-end VFX
to create incredible VR experiences

Minesweeper VR


General Electric – VFX to VR

VR Organ Study

OutpostVFX creates stunning Visual Effects for the Film, Broadcast and Advertising industry.
Our 3000 sq ft studio houses 30 core artists within our 45 seat facility capable of delivering VFX across feature films in parallel with commercials and broadcast projects. 
Our services to the film and advertising industry include concept design, VFX supervision, Previz and of course 3D and 2D animation and compositing for both animation and visual effects.
Outpost’s team are dedicated and experienced artists and programmers covering the wide gamut of moving image disciplines. They have gained a reputation for adding enormous creative value to each of the projects they have worked on. 

Bryn Higgins – Director of Electricity: I unreservedly recommend Outpost as a company established by creatives of the highest quality for the right reasons and with the right principles: because they want to do outstanding, intelligent work to be proud of.”

Leeshon Alexander – Terra Rossa Films: “Duncan and his team at Outpost delivered over and above what we asked of them. A rare mix of wonderful commitment to a project and high quality work. We were very demanding of them but they matched that and then some. Looking forward to working with them again.”

 Teddy Leifer – Producer, Rise Films:The team at Outpost did a superb job on the VFX for Plebs Series 2, helping to enhance the scale and ambition of the show. Whether it was a chariot race or crowd replication, their approach was always creative and smart and the team is full of people we enjoyed spending time with“.



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