Jaguar F-Pace

After the success of our Ford GT evolution film, we teamed up with Foxtrot Papa and Intro UK once again

Project Category



Intro UK

Foxtrot Papa


Julian Gibbs

Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke


For this collaboration, we needed to create a launch mixing up the exciting new Jaguar F-Pace with the vibrant neon lights and futuristic landscapes of Shanghai to create this Blade Runner-like sequence.

Outpost VFX built, textured and lit CG components of the new car, adding dramatic animation to the vehicle as it builds through nocturnal city streets.

Stabilising drone footage and working with a variety of lenses and colour spaces, our compositors worked wonders to produce a fantastic visual teaser for this new vehicle.

This promotional film went on to win Best Animated Film at the London Motor Film Festival 2015.

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