5 Minutes With... Head of 2D Cale Pugh

5 Minutes With... Head of 2D Cale Pugh

Supporting a compositing team and supervising VFX on films like Superfly is all in a day's work for our Head of 2D


10 July 2018

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Hi Cale. Give us a quick overview of your career up to this point.
Having qualified from university with a BA in Animation, I was very eager to get a job in the media industry. At the time I didn’t really know very much about VFX so I got a job as a Final Cut Pro editor. As an editor I was often asked to add small VFX shots to some of my edits – things like sky replacements or splitscreens. It was during this time that I became more aware of VFX and felt that was where my future lay. Before coming to Outpost I spent ten years in the VFX industry. I have worked at the BBC on shows like Doctor Who and Casualty, I worked at Aardman on a number of high-end commercials and I was the VFX Supervisor on the Weetabix ‘Dancer’ commercial, too, working alongside Daniels and BBH. I also got the opportunity to work in Berlin at Rise on Doctor Strange.

You moved here from Wales to join Outpost. Was it a challenge to up sticks and start a new life here?
Not only did my wife and I move down here but we also had our first baby all within a few months of each other, so it was a challenge but one that was so worth it. To live and work close to the beach… there is so much great countryside here. We have a really good work/life balance at Outpost and Dorset is an amazing place to enjoy that balance, so moving here and having a family was an absolute no-brainer for us.

What have been your Outpost highlights so far?
Well there have been so many! Going on set for Electric Dreams and seeing people like Bryan Cranston work was a particular highlight. Seeing the whole team pull together and produce the great work we did on Life was amazing and there was a great sense of camaraderie. Seeing and being a part of the company growing and expanding has also been fantastic.

You’re in charge of our 2D team. What does that entail?
I see my role as a support for the comp artists. It’s my responsibility to make sure that the artists have all the resources they need and the ability to do the best job they can. I try to give help and guidance when needed. I look at artist progression and make sure they are all hitting their goals and are constantly motivated and improving as artists.

As well as running a department, you also supe shows from time to time. Do you enjoy going out on set? Why?
I do enjoy being on set. I enjoy the collaborative process of working alongside the directors and crew. There is something very exciting about being around a group of people that are all focused on one project. It’s also a real test of my technical and decision-making skills. Joining a production team on set allows us to really support a project fully and help directors and showrunners get the best out of their shoot.

Are you excited for the future of Outpost?
I’m hugely excited about the future. Outpost is an exciting place to work and a great team to be a part of. You really get a sense that you’re part of something special and I can only see good things for the company in the future.

What's the best thing about Outpost in your opinion?
The people for sure. The friends I have made and the collaborative atmosphere are the things that really set Outpost apart. It's what lets us produce the great work we do – everyone has the same goals and the same desire to make the work as good as it can be. And when we are all pushing in the same direction, there is no better feeling.