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5 Minutes With... Head of 2D Cale Pugh

Supporting a compositing team and supervising VFX on films like Superfly is all in a day's work for our Head of 2D

5 Minutes With... Junior Compositor Felicia Petersen

Stop by for a quick chat with Felicia, who moved over from Sweden to join Outpost VFX in 2017

Current Vacancies
  • Senior FX Artist (HBO Production)

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    08/10/18 – 30/11/18

  • Mid-Level Animator (HBO Production)

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    01/10/18 – 26/10/18

  • CG Generalists (High-End TV Drama)

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    24/09/18 – 26/10/18

  • Mid Level Compositors (High-End TV Drama)

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    01/10/18 – 26/10/18

  • Senior Rigger (Upcoming Feature Film)

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    15/10/18 – 09/11/18

  • Senior Texture Artist (Upcoming Feature Film)

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    22/10/18 – 16/11/18

  • Mid-Senior Compositor

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    We require someone who is able to work autonomously in a fast paced environment to deliver an extremely high level of work. You should be comfortable taking direction from Supervisors and Producers, have a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills and technical knowledge. Experience with photorealistic compositing in a commercial, film or TV environment is required.

    Essential requirements:
    VFX industry experience as a compositor working on high end features
    Experience using Nuke

    A interest in and understanding of photography, practical lighting and cinematography

    About You:
    Calm under pressure
    A good understanding and implementation of Compositing techniques
    An ability to understand and apply shot notes
    Independent problem solving
    Participate in creative and technical discussions
    Sharing knowledge and techniques with other artists

  • Pipeline Assistant

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    Frontline artist support
    Testing and documenting new tools
    Providing technical support for artists
    Help with show setup
    Collaboration with developers and senior production supervisors to develop new systems
    Liaising with external software vendors

    Essential requirements
    Good Python and Maya skills
    Solid understanding of the Visual Effects pipeline
    Knowledgeable in debugging, testing and problem solving
    Able to complete tasks without direct management
    Flexible and able to work in a frequently changing environment
    Detail oriented with strong ability to multi-task
    General understanding of networking and performance issues
    Able to work flexible hours to provide occasional weekend / evening support

    A degree in Computer Science, Computer Graphics or other related field
    Shotgun development experience
    Experience with version control (git and/or SVN)

  • Pipeline TD

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    Become an important part of the pipeline team at a growing VFX studio.

    As a Pipeline TD you will be part of a team responsible for developing and maintaining tools to assist artists and manage the data flow across projects.

    Developing and maintaining software (predominantly Python)
    Building on existing systems such as Shotgun to finesse pipeline workflow
    Collaboration with developers and senior production supervisors to develop new systems

    Essential requirements
    Previous experience in Visual Effects or related industry
    Excellent Python development skills
    Solid understanding of the Visual Effects pipeline
    Shotgun and Digital Asset Management
    Experience in developing tools for DCC packages such as Maya, Houdini and Nuke
    A proactive attitude and great team spirit are essential

    A degree in Computer Science, Computer Graphics or other related field
    Experience with source control systems and team development
    A good handle on software development best practices, such as TDD, continuous integration and agile methodologies
    Experience with global pipelines across multiple sites

  • Production Assistant

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    Our Production team is responsible for managing artists, schedules and client expectations for all of our film, TV and commercial VFX work.

    If you have a passion for supporting and organising creative projects, then this could be the role for you. Our VFX Production Assistants are fundamental to the smooth operation of our studio.

    Key attributes that make for a strong and dependable VFX Production Assistant: organised, strong communicator, proactive and cohesive teamwork. You'll need to have a personable nature and the ability to motivate teams during deliveries.

    Essential requirements:
    Clear confident communicator
    Adept at skilfully juggling tasks
    Organised and focused
    Engaged with a strong desire to learn

    Experience in a VFX environment
    Ability to provide support to and organisation for VFX and Production team
    Capable note-taking during meetings, daillies sessions and client sessions, providing relevant information and setup support
    Relevant degree indicating interest in Film, TV, Media, VFX or Animation
    Previous experience – including internships and work experience – at creative production companies or post production facilities.

    Ideally, you'll have had previous exposure to and/or proficient knowledge of:
    Microsoft Office applications, Mac and Windows literate, and strong ability to pick up new software or applications.

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