Welcome to Outpost.
A studio out of the ordinary.

  • 01_Our people

    Our greatest assets are our people. We nurture a culture of growth and empowerment so that good people become great. Through exceptionally low staff turnover we retain not only technical knowledge but also an understanding of how each of us work together. This knowledge grows year on year, and with it the quality, enjoyment and efficiency of our work.

  • 02_The way we work

    We put a lot of effort into finding the right people, and we're very proud to say that the right people are now finding us. So we want to get the best out of them, and we want them to stick around. That’s why we encourage normal working days, and give people overtime or time off if they need to do more. We don't believe great creativity results from spending a seemingly endless day in the office. We also encourage a very open and collaborative way of working. Great ideas can and do come from everyone.

  • 03_The location

    Whilst we’re deeply involved in the heart of the industry, we’ve planted our flag somewhere new. Bournemouth gives us more time and space to create, as well as access to the exceptional creative education hubs on the south coast. Our significantly lower overheads provide a scalable workspace and allow us to get as much of a project’s budget on screen as possible.

  • 04_Our internal spirit

    Every company talks about their culture, but we really mean it. Walk into our studio and you will immediately feel it. Happy, well-rested staff are more motivated to deliver outstanding work. When a challenge presents itself, our team pulls together with a collective spirit of ambition and support.

  • 05_The output

    Ultimately, we’re judged by the work we create – we judge ourselves by the way we create it. Our output gets bigger and better every year by working the Outpost way. We have never compromised the way we work in order to achieve greater things. We have a proven track record across major motion pictures, indie films, high-end TV shows and commercials. And we’re just getting started.

Our studio


Our 5,500 square-foot UK studio is based on the sunny south coast and houses up to 80 artists. Bournemouth has been our home since we formed in 2012 because it has so much to offer our team while affording us superior scalability and low overheads, meaning more of your production budget ends up on screen.

Among the most tangible benefits we enjoy is being extremely scalable and flexible, as a result of both our age and our approach to technology. Our on-site GPU and CPU render farms allow us to tackle any project with tremendous firepower according to your specific needs, and we’re big proponents of cloud rendering technologies, too.