Whether it is feature film, high-end TV or a commercial, your story is what drives our creative ambition

Our dedicated team of artists understand visual storytelling and embrace every challenge along the way. We pride ourselves on our creative input and problem solving attitude. Our mission is to continuously improve and enhance your production value on screen. From concept to creation Outpost supports the entire scope of your visual effects journey.

Outpost VFX’s diverse range of work across film, broadcast and commercials keeps our artists at their very best; the cross pollination of these disciplines ensures that the best artistry, techniques and technology are mutually beneficial across projects.

Our software development team work tirelessly to ensure our pipeline is both innovative and efficient, automating as much of the pipeline as possible and freeing up our artists to do what they do best. By investing in proprietary technology we’ve developed a suite of in house tools, the long and short of which means you get more transparency through the creative process, a first rate level of quality control and ultimately more of your money ends up on screen.

Our work may be high-tech, innovative and feature the latest in cutting edge software, but our approach to our clients is personal. Our production team understand your pressures and are here to make sure that the VFX process does not add to them.

At Outpost VFX it’s all about the work, delivering it on budget, on time and at the highest possible quality, and from that comes client relationships we’re proud of.

Take a look at our visual effects services to see how we can work together on your upcoming project.